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A Break From the Break Room

As my overwhelmingly negative disposition continues from each day to day towards my co-workers in the never ending vat of Monotony that is my job. I find myself with a constant urge to bitch slap nearly everyone I encounter in the break room. Is it the holier that thou attitude that goes along with the blue badge they are provided with upon hiring? Possible, but I doubt it, as I'm sure many that I encounter are contingent staff such as myself. Is it that I'm in a hurry to retrieve my liquid refreshment and they are interfering with the retrieval? No, not really. There is no meeting that I'm running late for, or last minute project in need of completion. In fact, standing waiting on someone to continually rinse out there cup in the sink, is that much time away from my desk staring at the screen that is my life. And at that, I think we hit on the head of the problem. These people don't have the look of disdain for the life they have chosen to lead, the desire to be out living in the world, doing something worthwhile. They accepted this is there existence, and are proud of the job they do; working for the soulless corporate giants that have overtaken this country. Could I leave and do something worthwhile, something I enjoy? I could, but as a slave to the dollar: that check I receive paying the most I have ever received, while doing the least, is hard to give up. And so I stay, hating others as I hate myself for a job well done.


Rooster said…
Wow man, that was possibly the deepest blog you've ever written.