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Gods Wrath Reaches the Scouts

"The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished" - Nahum 1:2-8

According to some douche-bag over at a site called Republican Faith Chat the swine flu is Gods way of punishing non-believers, Catholics, and Mexicans. For what reason is God punishing these people, we can only guess? Is he punishing for a lack of faith, or perhaps he's just thinning out the flock? Or maybe he's punishing those of us for worshipping false idols? For example; the Boy Scouts of America and their worshiping of the false idols attached to their shirts in the form of badges. Sure, the Boy Scouts have shunned the gay and lesbian community as per their perceived word of God. And sure, they teach children useful survival skills that they will need during the apocalypse. But darn those children for the constant desire to get those badges instead of focusing on God and the desire to reach heaven like they should be.

Ten Boy Scouts attending camp near Asheville, TN tested positive for the flue with more being tested due to symptoms. Eight scouts in Dunwoody, GA tested positive for swine flu and six others reported symptoms in the camp, and two more in Florida have tested positive.

I’ve figured out the pattern. It’s a southern states thing. So there can be only one explanation for this outbreak in the Boy Scouts of the south… Southerners, God is pissed and he's coming after your conservative taught children! That's what you get for voting George Bush into office twice. That's what you get for preaching the word of God on the weekends, all the while treating your fellow man (gays and lesbians) as sub-humans. That's what you get for causing the U.S. Civil War in defense of slavery. That's right southerners, he's let it go on way to long, and now it's time for biblical style retribution. You better pray harder and start treating others with respect.