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Way of Life

Currently congress (passed in the house, pending in the senate) is debating a climate bill that will have sweeping (probably not) effects across this country; restricting global warming pollutants and promoting green energy. Republicans and some Democrats are fighting the bill saying, "it will increase the price of energy." and "it will effect our standard of living." As if, we have a god given right to the higher than average standard of living we have become accustomed to. Prior to the 50's the average America family spent just under 20% of their income on food, today that's dropped to around 9% of our income. All thanks to government and tax payer provided food subsidies, resulting in our becoming the fattest nation in the world. When gas prices hit 4 dollars a gallon, we threw a fit because our highway and car dependant nation can't cope with paying that much for a gallon of gas to fill our SUV's and trucks. When people stop spending in our consumer based economy, we end up in a nation wide depression. Last month, we finally made the switch to digital television, a switch that kept getting postponed because we wanted to make sure everyone could get converter boxes. As if going without television equates to being water boarded in Guantanamo. We expect cheep clothing and electronics, despite the fact that they are manufactured by a nation of Chinese making less in a day than we make in a week.

Why should we be forced to conserve electricity, perhaps turning off one of the 3 televisions in our homes, while surfing the net, with all the lights on or air-conditioning cranked up? Why should we walk to the park or the children's game when it's so much easier to fit everything in the minivan?

What a bunch of spoiled disgusting slobs we have become, with our expectation and rights as Americans. Our country of Christians and god worshiping people, without concern for the future as long as we pray and pay every Sunday. A nation of blind eyes to the world, of takers who donate a few bucks to that tax deductable charity so that we can feel good about ourselves for Christmas. An ever increasing nation that will exceed 400 million within 50 years, only to consume more with our expectation that our governments job is to continue this way of life.

Assuming the bill ends up passing, and Obama signs it, special interests will have had such an effect on it, that any real significant impact on the environment will be so reduced, so as to make all the effort worth less than the paper it's written on. But at least I will still be able to type these blog posts with my cheep electric bill.