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The Great Heat Wave of 09

Where were you on that day in July, when the temperature exceeded 100 degrees and broke a record? Years from now, we can ask our friends and family, where they were that Wednesday back in 2009. it's in the news, it's in the conversations, it's all around us as it's so sweltering hot. The day was Wednesday July 29th and as is typical in this region, we complain about the rain, we complain about the traffic, we complain about the heat. Yes, my home was so hot I couldn't sit at home last night, and was forced to go to the local air-conditioned bar, play pool and drink beer with friends… Oh, it was so rough having to wait on that next cold one to be served up, it was so rough the few times I lost at the game, oh it was so rough going home after and walking into the oven of a home.

Yes! We can now add one more, "where were you the day _" to the list. Along with the heavy snow days, the earthquake day, and the day the twin towers fell… Now, we can say where were you the day it hit 103?


Rooster said…
I'm going to shoot from the hip here and guess that this is the first time Florida can actually laugh at us for being dumbasses.

Ya, last night was real rough for me too. Took the dog to the beach, watched some summer thunder/lightning storms, drank some nice cold ice tea, and later sat in my air conditioned bedroom.

In other words, no complaints from me.
Seattle Freeze said…
My list of tropical places I've been has now increased by 1: Seattle.'s fucking better than the snow.
liverfire said…
Oh no you had a whole day that was over 100! Poor things, how did you ever survive! lol