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I Once Was Alive- Now I'm A Left-Wing, Know-It-All, Pseudo-Hippie

What kind of a generation have us X's turned into? A generation that watched our free love, hippie parents turn in the flowers for a desk job and an SUV. We've consumed to the point that our economy is dependant on it. We buy our Toyota Prius thinking we are saving the planet, all the while contributing to it's overpopulation. A generation where we will anonymously express our political views online, calling each other names and throwing out insults. The right and the left, in a never ending battle of superiority being broadcast for the world to see. A generation that feels the need to donated money to offset our carbon footprint to some unknown charity, so that we can feel better about that family road trip, or flight to a tropical 3rd world island where we stay in that all inclusive resort. The resort where our only experience in the local life has to do with the people who bring us our umbrella filled drinks. A generation that spends its free time responding to e-mail on our Blackberry's; while watching reality television and laughing at the stupidity of others. All so that we can afford our McMansions to house the children that we send to schools, where they learn about rainbow parties at 13, and sending nude pictures of each other to friends on there iPhones. We do all this in a self-centered attempt at creating the next generation. A generation that we think our ultra liberal/conservative ways will make them a better generation than the one before; totally clueless that they have less soul than the one before.


Rooster said…
In all fairness, iPhones can't send picture messages yet and I hate so-called reality TV that has nothing to with reality.
MGD said…
but they will one day, and don't lie, you totally sit at home each week waiting for the new episode of Big Brother.