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I Once Was Alive- Now I'm Online

I was out with a couple of friends last Friday evening, and somehow the subject of Facebook came up, as it often does these days. And I found myself almost bragging about the number of friends I had on the site, as if the number of random people, many whom I never talk to, is a statistic on how important I am. The conversation also involved my blog, or maybe it was someone else's blog, who knows these days as we all have one.

Last year it was MySpace, this year it's Facebook and Twitter, before that it was the blog or the personal website; and who knows what next year will bring, as the internet pundits are already predicting the death of Facebook, and trying to predict what will take it's place.

What have we become as a nation, a world, and a generation- where If it isn't said online, it hasn't been said. Where this little plastic and solder box I'm typing into was supposed to free us, giving us more time, that now takes up the majority of our days and nights. We've made them smaller and smaller, combining them with our phones so we can take them with us everywhere. Now instead of talking to each other at concerts and bars, we can update our "status" and add "friends" instead. No wonder we are a pill popping, pot smoking, microbrew drinking generation, slowly acknowledging our reach on middle age. Once a generation of music television watching, action packed movie kids, who thought we were going to be "somebody," only to find ourselves blogging each day as a temporary respite from creating that Power Point presentation, full of bubbles and animations that needs to be e-mailed to the boss, to demonstrate our added value to the bottom line.

And so with that - blog time is over. Now for another cup of Starbucks coffee, before compiling those spreadsheets, and prepping for the next meeting where we will review the spreadsheets, make notes of the ideas we have, and agree upon the time for the follow up meeting.


Seattle Freeze said…
I realized recently that it's not cool to like FB...but it's also not cool to hate it (makes it seem like you WANT to be cool).
Then I realized...I'm never going to be cool. :(
MGD said…
I love it and hate it... so does that make me cool or not cool?!?!