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I Once Was Alive- Now it's the Next Generations Turn

And on to the next generation where we will no longer have real names, only online personas slowing becoming a series of 1's and 0's in a database somewhere. Where if your girlfriend/boyfriend pisses you off, you will post it for the world to see. Where your career can be made or broken based upon your online presence. A new generation, that will live in closer and closer confines, yet know less and less about the person living on the other side of the wall. A generation that recycles religiously and eats organic, yet knows nothing about poverty, water and food shortages from around the world; other than what they see on TV, or some quick paced flash filled new clip. A clip that they have seen so often, that its meaning will have lost all impact. A generation that will curse it's predecessor for what they have been given, yet be so overwhelmed with it, that change will seem futile. And so, they will continue the current pace of increased medication and consumption; not because they don't know better, but with no point to it all, they might as well. The hope of the future, will only end up as a repeat of the past, as all time has been.