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Microsoft FTE's Who Can't Use Own Products

One of the amazing things (or not) about working at Microsoft is the lack of ability for Microsoft employees to use their own products.

I was in a meeting yesterday, and it took two of them to update a meeting invite, and they had to rely on a vendor to tell them out to update the meeting in outlook. Another meeting example is one where the meeting started 20 minutes late because the Microsoft employee running the meeting couldn't set up a conference call and live meeting at the same time.

On a regular bases, I get questions from Microsoft employees asking how to edit SharePoint content, a product that Microsoft created. I'll admit that SharePoint is not the most user-friendly of programs, but I was not hired as a SharePoint expert. In fact, I had never used it until getting hired on a contract at Microsoft.

Pretty much the only product that I've found Microsoft employees can use is Excel. In fact, they are so dependant on it to manage there work, that when they are provided with a much better tool for managing work, they revert to Excel. The company owns and makes MS Project which is made for the purpose of managing projects, yet Excel is what most people use.

Almost daily I'm amazed that this company is the largest software company in the world. On the plus side, it does help with job security for me.