Veep Drinking Game

Like Working with Children

How my job equates to being a teacher and working with young children.

  1. Have to hold hands. My job consists of making sure others are doing there job, and not upsetting them in the process.
  2. Be careful of swearing or saying anything offensive, like kids we don't want to offend or they might cry, so will the developers and PM at Microsoft.
  3. When they get upset about something they will pout or cry.
  4. Have to talk down to them, so they will understand - dumb it down.
  5. Presentation need lots of color and bubbles. The 07 version of Power Point has lots of great ways of making that presentation look cool to keep their attention
  6. Need to provide them with playtime (aka moral builders).
  7. If they go without enough sleep, or are sick, they will get cranky.
  8. If they do a good job, they get a prize. Ie, plaque, certificate, or a kudos in a e-mail
  9. If they do a bad job, they get rewarded as well, because we wouldn't want anyone to feel bad
  10. The teachers/bosses pet get's the promotion, sweet jobs, and primo office