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Nissan LEAF

While GM is still plugging away on the Chevy Volt a gas/electric car, Nissan is right on the heals of Tesla with the Nissan LEAF an all electric vehicle, expected to be on roads in 2010.

The all electric LEAF is a compact five-door hatchback with room for four. The LEAF won't get quite the mileage as the Tesla Model S, with the current estimates on the LEAF at 100 miles per charge. But as a low cost daily all electric commuter, I think it should sell pretty well.


MGD said…
not as ugly as the Volt
nissan leaf said…
Nissan leaf is a new car with no gas, but 100 % electric. It is a five door mid-sized hatchback electric car which is the leading, environmentally, friendly and affordable family car. It is really an eco- friendly car. Better to check it out.
nissan said…
Nissan cars were really amazing. From SUV’s/ crossovers, to the trucks, to the different types of cars, to the future concepts, and to the Nismo performance were all one of a kind creation. No one can beat the power, the value, the response and the comfort that these car offers. You must try to drive one to experience the power within.