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Asian Drivers

Driving in to work this morning and before I get on to the interstate I have to take a back road near my house, the entire length of the road I'm stuck behind some car that is driving 5 miles per hour below the speed limit. When I get to the turnoff for the interstate, I look and notice it's an old Asian lady.

After getting off the interstate, I'm on another arterial. This time, I'm behind a car that keeps hitting it's breaks- even though there is no car in front of it. When we make a turn and I get a chance to pass the car, I notice it's another Asian lady.

My workout buddy and good friend is Thai. And we used to take turns driving to the gym, but it got to the point that it was irritating and embarrassing to ride in the car with him, so that now I've just decided to be the designated driver.

I'm far from being a racist, but I do believe in stereotyping and Asians fit the stereotype. Here's the thing I don't get; I've been to south-east Asia, and I've seen the way they drive there. They drive like maniacs. Weaving in and out, racing along, so forth and so on. So how is it that in Asia they drive like they are trying to get somewhere, and in America Asians drive like they are 107 years old and blind on one eye.


Rooster said…
Best line I've heard in a long time: I'm far from being a racist, but I do believe in stereotyping

Anonymous said…
I think you will find your data set is too small, but of course it's large enough to reinforce your pre-existing beliefs.
MGD said…
Rooster - I wanted to makeup for my sellout post, so this one is a little more cranky monkey style.