This last weekend I went to a concert. It wasn't a local show and at a pretty decent outdoor venue. It's also the kind of musician that isn't cheep to see. The girl I went with, I will refer to as irritating bitch who talks to much during a concert (ibwttmdac). With her was other irritating bitch who talks to much during a concert (oibwttmdac). And with oibwttmdac was some dude who I didn't talk to all that much (dwidttatm).

We were all talking and having a good time before the show started, and I thought once the show started they would quite down a bit. During an occasional song they did quite down. But for the most part, they talked almost through the whole thing. And it's not like they were having a discussion that couldn't wait, or even really needed to happen at all. At one point ibwttmdac tried to bring me into the conversation. A conversation, at that moment, that consisted of see if we could do the Vulcan (two fingers to one side, two to the other) greeting. Then when proving I could do it with one hand, she asked me to do it with the other. After showing her that, the discussion was around who could do it the best and with which hand. The only real respite I got from the inane chatter was when they both went to the bathroom, and luckily took a while. Unfortunately upon returning they continued whatever conversation it was that they were having in the ladies room.

The only saving grace through the experience was that she somehow managed to keep her phone in her purse for the majority of the show, unlike some other attendees who spent a large amount of time texting others. What the hell is the point of going to see a show, spending money on tickets/booze/dinner/whatever, if all you are going to do it talk inanely throughout the whole thing, basically using the show as background noise?