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Karma, Bad Weather, and the South East

So there is such a thing as Karma: Oxfam America has recently published an interactive map of states within the U.S. most likely to be effected by global warming. The states most likely to feel the effects are populated by the people least likely to believe in human caused climate change.

"The intensity of Atlantic hurricanes is likely to increase during this century wit higher peak wind speeds, rainfall intensity, and storm surge height and strength"

"The number of freezing days in the Southeast has declined by 4 to 7 days per year since the mid 1970's"

"The home state of our last two republican presidents will be heavily hit by high levels of drought.
The intergovernmental panelt on climate changes estimates average temperatures in Texas could rise by about 5.85 degrees by 2100 ad the current rate of global warming."

Since most of the south doesn't believe in global warming, I guess the only other explanation is God must be pissed at you about something.