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No Help From a Monkey

This is why you should never ask a Monkey to do nice things for people.

My friend who blogs over at Seattle Feeze sent me an e-mail about this, “cool event I'm attending in two weeks that I thought you might want to join me for. Global Trauma Intervention.” An event to help trauma victims in India. Because we’re friends and she obviously knows how much I love helping people.

After checking out the link, and noticing that it’s being held on a Friday night at a church, I respond with a simple, “it's held at a church” knowing that she also knows my love of the cloth and being preached at.

At which point the e-mail turned into an IM conversation.

SF: Didn't notice that. Shit. So...that's a no?

CM: My concern would be bursting into a ball of flame if I ever walked into a church. Will there be booze provided?

SF: haha. I don't know. Hold on.

CM: And how much money are they going to ask me to donate?

SF: I don't think it's like that. No drinks, just dessert. I think.

CM: (After reading who will be talking) "Inspirational message by Dr. BJ Prashantham" they are going to preach to us!

SF: Yeah. Ok, ok, I'll count you out. Damn, a little inspiration never hurt anyone.

CM: It hurts me. All the way to my insides.

SF: Oh!

CM: Just thinking about it, kind of hurts right now.

SF: In that case, I’ll try to never inspire you. EVER.

CM: I think I’m going to go throw up real quick.

SF: Oh sheesh

CM: (after reading more about it) "Donate to the work of Global Trauma Intervention – your tax deductible contributions can make a life-changing difference in trauma victims around the world" - I grew up in Spokane, I’m traumatized. Where’s my donation?

SF: hahahahahahahah

CM: So anyway... yeah, that doesn't sound like fun at all. Maybe if it were to help lost puppies or something, I’d be into it.

SF: Of course. Damn. I’m kind of sorry I asked

I would have bitch slapped her to, but since it was over IM I couldn't.


MGD said…
Hey, at least was being nice and threw a shout-out to the blog you never update.
Seattle Freeze said…