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Razor Clams are Edible This Year, But at What Cost

It's Blog Action Day today, and in honor of that I'm going to talk about Razor Clam digging tomorrow.

Along the Washington State coast each year, people come out in droves with buckets and shovels in hand to participate in the Razor clam digs. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has completed testing the clams, and approved the digs at five beaches after a series of marine toxin tests confirmed the clams were safe to eat. Evening digs are scheduled at Twin Harbors (Oct. 16-19); Long Beach and Copalis (Oct. 16, 17 and 18); and Mocrocks and Kalaloch Beach (Oct. 17 and 18) according to the wdfw website.

It's interesting to note, that in the world we live in these days, we have to add restrictions on the number clams being dug so as not to deplete the stock, as we would eat every edible plant, animal, and fish to extinction if not for these restrictions. It's also interesting to note, that even in this day and age of EPA, people going "green", and government restrictions on business and industry, we still have to have our food tested for toxins and chemicals before it can be deemed safe to eat as we continue to pollute our natural environment with mercury in all our fish, great patches of trash in the pacific, and planetary warming to the point of melting polar ice into nothing.


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