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Help Ban Divorce in California

Protect the sanctity of marriage and help ban divorce in Californian! Voters last fall repealed gay marriage in the state, wanting to protect traditional marriage. All prop 8 did was prevent gays and lesbians from getting married, but for the true believers, to protect traditional marriage we should ban divorce all together. After all, the vow does say "till death do us part." 

A group of concerned citizens is trying to get on the ballot in California for 2010 the California Protection of Marriage Act. If you are a California resident, then please sign the petition and support the cause. Because after all, if gays can't get married for tradition, straight people shouldn't be allowed to divorce for the same reason.




rooster said…
As long as it still has an out-clause for infidelity or abandonment of one's religion (both of which are Biblical allowances for divorce), I'm all for it!
MGD said…
"abandonment of one's religion." That's kind of an easy out isn't it.

Me - I want a divorce
State - Sorry, no divorces allowed.
Me - Umm, but I abandoned my religion.
State- oh, well then no problem. Granted.
Me - Sweet