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Lieberman - Democrat > Independent > Republican

Joe Lieberman should just come out and declare himself a Republican. The congressman from Connecticut at one point in time was a Democrat. That was until his own party decided that he didn't belong, and put an actual Democrat up for election in his state. Unfortunately Lieberman ran as an independent and won. Now, the Democrats are being forced to cater to him in order to get the necessary votes to pass healthcare reform in the senate.

Joe Lieberman has decided to make himself a roadblock to legislation. First he was against the public option, and now he's against expanding Medicare. What he's really against is this bill. Is he bitter about the lack of party support, or is he just a Republican in disguise? According to this video, Lieberman used to support the Medicare expansion that is in the bill, but then again, he was for it before it was actually in the bill. Now he needs to be against it to continue his road blocking the bill, get his name in the news, and to support the Republicans, aka the party of no.