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Tax the Babies

I've brought the subject up previously on this blog, about overpopulation being the root cause of our environmental problems. And that we need to place restrictions on the number of children people can have in this country. I was referring to China's one child per family law. On the Tree Hugger forum, someone posted an even better idea. Instead of restrictions, we tax additional children.

"Currently if you have children you get a tax credit. I propose we change the system so that:

1 Child: You get a tax credit
2 Children: You now negate the first credit and get no credit at all
3. Children: You now pay a tax on the third child and so on...the tax burden gets higher the more kids you have.
Adoption: For every US child you adopt you get a tax credit"

Sounds good to me. And it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who feels we need to control population growth.

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