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WTF Massachusetts

For those who haven’t been following the story. Massachusetts a state that that normally runs Democrat, elected a Republican to replace the recently deceased, and long serving, Ted Kennedy. Of course, the news pundits and Republican party are all over it, saying that it’s a bad sign for Obama and the Democratic party. That it’s a bad sign for health care reform. And that it’s a good sign for the Republican party next fall. My guess though, is the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, thought she would easily win the position and didn’t run that hard of a campaign. And the Republican, Scott Brown, knew he had to win the race and ran a hard campaign. He probably had tons of support from the Republican party, and of course people can be easily swayed. In this case, the tea parties and scare tactics used by the right-wing work to sway voters scared about jobs and the world around them.

Is this a sign of change in fall? Maybe, if the Democrats don’t start showing some balls, there could be a change in Novembers elections.


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