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WWF's Top 10 Endangered Species to Watch in 2010

The WWF has released it's top 10 most threatened species to watch list. Here are the top 5.

Interesting that we are going into the Chinese year of the tiger, when it's entirely possible that by the next year of the tiger, there won't be any tigers left. Currently only 3200 tigers on the planet.

The poster child for global warming and the negative impacts of humans on the planet.

Not as cute as the first two, but also heavily effected by arctic ice melting.

WWF reports that 12 of the 17 species of the world's penguins are experiencing rapid population declines.

The Leatherback has turtle has been on this planet for more than 100 million years. And in a fraction of that time humans have brought them to the point of extension.

Check out the WWF website for the full 10 and details about each.


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