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A Case of the Mondays, Tuesdays, and all Weeks

My eyes are heavy and my energy low as I sit at my desk for the first day of a five day work week. Looking down, I slowing watch the minutes tick away on the corner of my laptop screen. The mental list of to-do items runs through my head; followed up with due dates for each item as I think to myself that I need t o get them done and not to wait till the last minute. Two minutes go buy as I pull up spreadsheets and launch applications, waiting for a little motivation to kick in, just enough to finish what needs to be done today. But it doesn’t happen, my cup of tea is fresh and I take a sip, closing my eyes while the bitter and sugar mix in my mouth. How nice it would be to lean my head back, closing my eyes and take a little nap. Not for long, maybe an hour or two. Then upon waking, I might find the energy to complete the Power Point that needs to get done by Wednesday. The presentation letting people know things they already know, or don’t even care about but think they do. Or maybe that report that was due last week, but hasn’t been completed only because my boss has not asked me for an update on its status. Or even better yet, when I wake from my little Monday morning nap, with my stiff neck thanks to the ergonomically incorrect desk chair, maybe it will be time for lunch and I can get out of the office all together, if only for a few minutes.