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Chase Bank Sucks

I’ve had a checking account with Washington Mutual for well over 10 years, and been pretty happy with the service. So when I started a photography business, it seemed like an easy decision to also open my business checking account with Washington Mutual as well. As everyone should know by now, WAMU went out of business last year and was sold off to Chase bank. And with that, all my accounts transferred over. For the most part, nothing much seemed to change for me other than the logo of the bank I used. That was until my last business banking statement.

On the statement I received a $5.33 service fee. And in reading the statement there was a notice at the bottom that said, “You can waive the monthly service fee on your Chase Business Classic account by maintaining an average checking balance of $4,000 or more during the statement period,” Just to be clear, I use this account as a small business photography checking account. My balance in that account has never been over $4,000.

So I called customer service, and got the wrong person, who transferred me to another person, who then transferred me to a third person. The third person spent a small amount of effort to save me as a customer on this account. All of the available options usually consisting of purchasing other services on the account, so as to avoid the fee.

FYI Washington residents: BECU provides a Basic Business Checking Account with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirements.

- CM