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The Craptime Show

It’s been a week now since the last Super Bowl. The commercials were okay this year, but the Saints beating the Colts made the game well worth watching, and it was a well-played game. The only real problem with last week’s Super Bowl, was, of course, the halftime show. It seems that at some point, in the past few years, the people who schedule the halftime show decided that the general public wanted to hear aging rock bands do medleys of their socks that were hits about 30 years ago, even though half the audience doesn’t even know who the band actually is.

halftime show

This year’s show featured The Who, who haven’t had a hit since the 70’s, and their only recent claim to fame is their songs do the openings for the CSI shows. And of course that they aren’t dead yet. Although, by watching the halftime show the dead part could be disputed.

And to be honest, I could even handle the aging rock bands doing the halftime show. I’m a big Rolling Stones fan and would have liked to actually see them sing one or two of their hits, and call it good. What I don’t want to see each year is the medley. Yes, I get it, these bands have had more than one hit song, but medleys suck.

The Janet Jackson (aging star) and Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction might be a running joke. And I might not be a J.T. fan, but at least he’s young and hip, and we didn’t have to hear a drawn-out medley of her 80’s hits. Instead, they chose to do a few shortened versions of a few songs. If I remember correctly there were only three songs total, unlike The Who, who did every song of theirs that broke the top 40.

What the halftime show has become is the time that people take smoke breaks, order a pizza, or refill the drinks. What it lost a long time ago, is a show worth actually watching at halftime.