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Life in a Box

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that my life is spent "boxed in". I woke up on a box, inside of a box contained in a larger box, comprised of a larger box still, trying desparately to find the snooze button on the box that woke me up.

Then I stepped into another box to wash myself. I dressed, then left my living box and into my transport box where I drove to a big corporate box. I went up the stairs and into my office box where I am now typing on little boxes while staring at a box. I have a meeting in a little while in another office box where my boss will tell me to "think outside the box".

Later, I will leave the office box inside the corporate box to my transport box and return to my living box inside the condo building box. I'll stare at another box for a while before going back to the sleeping box. ET CETERA.

I think I need to take a vacation somewhere sunny and flat. The boxes are starting to piss me off.

- Eccentri City


MGD said…
Sounds wonderfull, and I miss it there so much....
Quorri Scharmyn said…
Haha... this is great, I love it.

We should live in geodesic domes and our TV's should be oval shaped and then our beds can be rhombus or something...yeah, how's that for outside the box?

Ooooooh! And I want my shower to be a triangle :P
Eccentri City said…
That's actually a great idea. Waking up in a dome and looking at oval screens would maybe make things a little better. We need to go back to 60's retro deign.