Life in a Box

I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that my life is spent "boxed in". I woke up on a box, inside of a box contained in a larger box, comprised of a larger box still, trying desparately to find the snooze button on the box that woke me up.

Then I stepped into another box to wash myself. I dressed, then left my living box and into my transport box where I drove to a big corporate box. I went up the stairs and into my office box where I am now typing on little boxes while staring at a box. I have a meeting in a little while in another office box where my boss will tell me to "think outside the box".

Later, I will leave the office box inside the corporate box to my transport box and return to my living box inside the condo building box. I'll stare at another box for a while before going back to the sleeping box. ET CETERA.

I think I need to take a vacation somewhere sunny and flat. The boxes are starting to piss me off.

- Eccentri City