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Oldies Music

At what point did music from the 90’s start falling into the oldies category?

I was driving with a friend the other day, and before deciding on what type of music to play I asked, “what kind of music do you like.” This friend responded with, “I like all music.” Bullshit, no one likes all music. Instead of backhanding this friend for responding so lamely to my question, I asked him to clarify. He eventually said, “oldies for example.”

Not thinking that this person was about 10 years younger than me, I put on my oldies playlist. Which is a bunch of 60’s and 70’s music. As the drive progressed, it turned out that this person was actually thinking more like 90’s music. WTF! 90’s is oldies?!?! I of course was forced to pull over and kick the douche-bag out of the car at that point.


Eccentri City said…
Reminds me of the time a young trick-or-treater came to my door on Haloween dressed as an "eighties girl", as if she were wearing apoodle skirt or something. Having REMEMBERED when people dressed like that, and not in costume, I prompty kicked her ass of my porch without any candy.
MGD said…
That sounds like an appropriate response.
rooster said…
I told myself that when this happened, I'd off myself. So, here is my official notice. Later dudes.