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Polygamy, Children, and Right or Wrong

So I recently received the February edition of National Geographic, and couldn’t help but be shocked by this month’s feature story. The story is about a Mormon who has 5 (obviously not legal) wives and 46 (totally legal) children. I haven’t read it yet, and honestly don’t care what the point of the article will be. I also don’t care about the guy having 5 wives. If that many women want to be married to him, and he wants to have 5 wives, more power to the happy wacky family. What I have a problem with is the 46 children!

Last weekend, I hung out with a small group of teachers. Out of our small group not a single person was interested in having a child. These people are intelligent, well educated, and are the type of people we want teaching our children. But they also see the world for the overpopulated place it is. They see children for the hassle and cost that they are. And they enjoy having lives that revolve around each other rather than children. And they all seem very happy together. Yet, if these teachers did choose to have children, I’m sure they would limit it to 1 or 2 children.

We live in a country where a religious nut is breading 46 ignorant, narrow minded, overpopulating children. We live in a country that views popping out babies as what everyone should be doing. One of the first questions people tend to ask a newlywed couple is, “when are you having kids?” If that wedded couple doesn’t want to have children, the next question is, “Why not?” As if there is something morally wrong with making the decision not to have children at all.

In American this man can have 46 children and it’s totally legal. A crazy lady can have 8 babies at once and it’s totally legal. Yet a gay couple can’t even adopt one child, and intelligent adults are viewed as being flawed if they choose not to have children.


rooster said…
The thing that really bothers me about polygamy, from the perspective of a Christian like myself, is that it goes against Biblical ideology. The Bible clearly states that marriage is the union between ONE man and ONE woman. Not ONE man and MANY women. If held to Biblical standards, marriage is kept between a man and a woman, and thus, a soft limit to the number of children.

46 children should not be legal.... or, only legal if child #5 through #46 have to be put up for adoption so that the people who want kids but can't have their own have a chance to raise a child that can actually benefit society as a whole.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
Thanks ;) you're intelligent and well-educated, too.

What a hypocritical, unquestioning, and short-sighted nation we live in. I was just at a bridal shower the other day and everyone's question was when the first baby would be arriving. Not IF it would be arriving, but when.... interesting. Glad I don't have to pop out a bunch of parasites ;P