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Skinny and Fat

One of the morbid things that has happened to me since I started living the Dream has been that I am fat and skinny at the same time. How the hell can you be fat and skinny at the same time?!

I've lost muscle mass and replaced it with fat. The gym you say? Yeah, I love running in place like a freakin' hampster for an hour to find that I went absolutely nowhere. Then I can strain and lift weights, only to find that they are in the same place. Its not like I was with a bunch of Amish dudes building a barn. At least they have something to show for their labor.

Between being on a computer all day and driving everywhere because my paren't's generation decided that urban planning for people was no longer necessary, I am convinced I wont make the new retirement age of 67. I better start saving hard for an early retirement if I want one at all.

Livin' the Dream baby!


MGD said…
Not to mention the beer consumption and cigarettes, might contribute a bit.