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What Do You Want?

Has anyone else noticed that the Republicrits and their break-away whacko Tea Baggers always define things in negatives? They don't want a government healthcare option; they don't want gays to marry, serve in the military, or even exist at all; they don't want the president's agenda to succeed; they don't want this, they don't want that...

The problem with ultra-conservatism is that it wants everything to stay the same, good or bad, with complete dissregard for rapid changes in the world.

It is very convenient to let those who can generate original thought come up with the ideas and then just squash their merits as they come. Critisism is fine. In fact, it is civic duty. But empty, ignorant attacks on issues you don't understand fully should not be missconstrued as critical thinking.

So if any Red Righties are reading this now, I challenge you to generate your own ideas and tell the rest of us what it is you do want. The only rule is that you cannot define it as a negative of another idea or issue. Do you think you can actually do that?

- Eccentri City


MGD said…
Apparently not a lot of right-wing conservative types read this blog.