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Boycott SeaWorld

Last week the 12,000-pound Orca Tilikum, killed a trainer by drowning, making this the 3rd person the whale it has killed.
The whale was then moved to a small enclosure where it could hardly move while SeaWorld decided what to do with it.
Instead of freeing the whale into an environment where it belongs (the ocean), the parks management decided that the attraction of the whales made them too much money. So instead of freeing the whale, that is forced to put on shows for slack jawed touristic, they decided to just not let trainers in with the whale anymore. That way people can still come and see the show, pay money, and be amazed by the creature that has been forced to live in an unnatural enclosed environment.


Anonymous said…
1) It's a KILLER whale. What part of "killer" don't they understand?

2) How about we put the SeaWorld management in their own cages, with only enough room to walk in small circles?

I went to 6 Flags in San Francisco last year and they had a show with a Killer Whale. While I was awestruck by the majesty of the animal, I felt horrible seeing what he was confined to. It is extremely inhumane and I will never, ever, support what these parks due to these animals. It's just not right.
MGD said…
At least you felt bad about seeing the show. I’d imagine most of the people sitting around you thought it was awesome, and totally disregarded the living conditions of the animals.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
I hate animals in cages. I don't care how big or small the cages are.

Last time I went to an aquarium I was traumatized and I will never go back to another zoo or aquarium as long as I live.

I think you're right and that people who go there have absolutely no thought of whether or not it is right to do so. I don't think they even wonder at all how the animals might feel.