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Heath Care Bill Passes, So Now What?

The big news from this weekend is of course, the House of Representatives passing the health care bill. This is a big win for the Obama administration who has spent the majority of his first year in office on this issue. It’s also a big deal for the democratic party, who can now say they’ve done something regardless of the “party of no” continually attempting to block it. Now, the question at hand of course is how will this affect us- the general public? If you listen to the tea baggers and conservative pundits, it’s going to bankrupt the country. If you listen to the liberals and democrats , it’s going provide health insurance for about 32 million more Americans (who may or may not actually need it), stop preventing insurance companies for denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and Medicare prescription-drug benefit would be improved substantially for the elderly.

What happened to the public option? Under the new bill, all Americans are going to be forced to have insurance. Similar to how we are forced to have automotive insurance that we don’t use. If you don’t get insurance you will be fined by the government. So now, we don’t have a public option that would have provided incentive for private companies to keep cost low, and are going to be forced to buy insurance from a private insurance company. Which I’m sure they are pretty happy about. Proving that angry mobs are a good thing for insurance companies and government lobbyists.

The other big issue is abortion. Many pro-life democrats held their votes in exchange for a guarantee of no public funding for abortion. They ended up with a compromise that left pro-choice advocates pissed, and no-choice advocates pissed.

So what does the bill mean for the public? We will just have to wait and see. Republicans are already vowing to use this as a platform in the November election. hoping the unhappy public will vote them back into power. And forgetting what a fantastic job they did running up the national debt, why they had control of congress and the white house. Some states and others are planning on suing the government in order to get it repealed. And of course democrats are planning a campaign to prove to the country what a benefit this reform will be to the public, and why they should stay in office.

With the majority of the population being mindless sheep, the fall campaign is really going to come down to which party can utilize the propaganda machine to their benefit. And who can create the flashier ads, scare the sheep, and sway the public regardless of whether or not this bill is actually good for the country.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Yeah, the insurance companies are just going to make insurance even more expensive and, wait a second, how are they going to force people who can't afford the insurance to then pay a fine, instead? wont' that just make them even less likely to be able to afford the insurance which they are then going to have to pay another fine for and.... negative feedback cycle forever???

The public option was the only really good thing about this bill, or the only thing that made it realistic and viable. Unless, of course, unbeknownst to me, they also are putting a cap on how much insurance companies can charge? I'm guessing that's a big fat, "NO".


The sheeple will run around in circles spouting nonsense and running into walls and the propaganda machine will roll on, electing whomever propagates the most fear.

Ahhhh.....America. Land of the thieves, home of the slaves.
MGD said…
well said.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
That whole "land of the thieves, home of the slaves" thing is actually from Brother Ali.

That's right, I quoted a hip hop artist. I'm hardcore ;)