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A Knee and My Trailer Hitch

Sometimes karma can be awesome. This last weekend I was waiting in my truck to catch a ferry across the Puget Sound. While we were sitting, a couple from the car behind us walked down past the row of vehicles. The guy in front was wearing a slick suite, with perfectly styled super short hair, and walking with authority. The girl following was on her cell phone, in tight clothes, and walking as if she were hotter than she was. My passenger and I of course made fun of them for looking like douche-bags.

Not too long after they walked back past my truck to their car, from the passenger side of the row of vehicles. The guy this time walked behind my truck to get to the driver’s side of his car. My truck has a trailer hitch on it which has saved me a few times from being damaged from a car getting to close. In this situation it provided a laugh as the guy was too busy focusing on himself to notice the hitch and ran his shin right into it.

Thanks karma, sometimes people need the random dumbass moments they experience to be brought down with the rest of us. And of course, thanks for the laugh.


EC said…
That is freakin' awesome!
Quorri Scharmyn said…
You forgot to mention how sexy your passenger was. That girl is super fly ;)