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Shoot the First Person Shooters

“Have you played Modern Warfare 2?” I’ve been asked, “It’s awesome!” And so I borrowed it from a friend. The game started off like any other first person shooter, with a tutorial on how to shoot, re-load, change weapons, etc. Then the game play started where my soldier went around shooting things and CG people. As first person shooters go it is a pretty good game. The problem of course is that it is a first person shooter, which makes it not all that different from the previous versions of the game or Halo, Bio Shock, and on and on.

First person shooters are probably the most popular game format out there right now and I’m sick of them. Sometimes you can shoot with both hands, sometimes you can only shoot with one. the buttons you hit to re-load, change weapons, or zoom vary from game to game. And the story line is somewhat different between games. Unless of course you play a sequel, where the storyline is more or less the same or a continuation of the first game.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve had it with first person shooters. I’ve lost all interest in buying them, borrowing them, or even playing them. I recently picked up inFAMOUS and have to say it’s a nice change of pace. The game is a third person point of view. I can actually see my character. I can hide behind objects, jump around, and dodge. And most importantly it’s not just a view of my gun in front of me where I turn and look in different directions and shoot things. I’ve also picked up Seen It, Trivial Pursuit, and a few other out of the ordinary games. The catch is, that they are few and harder to find. Have the game creators not noticed the Wii’s success? It’s not just the controllers that make it so popular, it’s the games. Sure it has the shooters, but it also comes with a bunch of default sports games. Simple games that don’t require involved story lines, sitting down for hours to play, and are fun for more than just the white male who wants to run around and shoot things.

Microsoft and Sony are in the process of creating Wii style controllers for their systems. Hopefully they are also in the process of creating games that are somewhat more creative than a guy running around and shooting or blowing up others.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
And then there is FFXIII, which is the most amazing game ever!!!!!!!!