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Arizona vs. Immigrants, and Liberals vs. Arizona

“Boycott Arizona,” they are yelling. “How the hell could they do that,” they say. “Cancel those conventions.” What did Arizona do that has managed to offend so many in this country? They passed a law that allows officers to question people they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. Basically they have a bunch of Republicans who don’t like them there Mexicans coming up here and taken all our awesome jobs.

You might think that I’d come out against this law. But to be honest I think it’s a little much to do about nothing. So what? Police have the right to ask Hispanics for ID. Sure it’s racial profiling, but the person being asked for ID can show it, and go on their merry way.

Ever travel in another country? I have. And one of the things you always make sure to do is carry your passport with you. Why do you do this? In case anyone asks for ID. And same rule applies, show it, and move on.

And that’s really what I think people should do here: If the person is legal, than they can show ID and move on. If they aren’t then they get shipped back home to sneak across the border again at a later date. And to be honest, are cops really going to spend a lot of time checking Hispanic peoples ID’s? No, because arresting illegal immigrants creates paper work, and doesn’t generate revenue. The cops have more important things to do, like write speeding tickets to working and tax-paying citizens.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Ignoring the wacko statement above...

I have to disagree with CM because I'm the kind of radical who thinks that no police person should ever be able to require ID from anyone unless that person is A) trying to cross a national border or B) suspected of breaking the law.

The supposed immigrants that they will use racial profiling on to ask for ID will be suspected of breaking the law, it's true, but they will be suspected of this ONLY because of the color of their skin. How can you tell by looking at someone whether or not they are here illegally?

Did you know that there are illegal immigrants of every skin color living in the United States? Do you think the police are going to ask white people for ID to see if they are illegal immigrants? I'm going to bet that won't happen.

I feel like the next step to legislation like this is expecting anyone to submit to a search of their house or of their car because they are suspected of being drug addicts. Where does it end? Your argument for this immigration ID law would apply here equally as well: if you're not doing anything wrong, why would you oppose the search?

But, I'm a little more old fashioned than that and think that people should have the right to privacy...and to not carry ID.
MGD said…
I’m not going to bother responding to the first post either. He’s obviously to enlightened and open minded for us.

To Quorri – I agree with all those points, and we’ve seen many times that once a law is passed, it will then get modified and used to increase the affectivity and range of that law. So, if the people protesting this law win, and it gets repelled, I’m fine with that.

But, don’t you think it’s a little extreme for businesses and states to be saying boycott Arizona because of this? Why aren’t they saying boycott BP because it’s dumping thousands of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico right now. Why isn’t California saying boycott states that have legalized gay marriage? After all, they did vote last year to make it illegal.

I know that we don’t get a lot of Canadians illegally immigrating to the U.S. and stealing our totally awesome jobs. So, yeah, there is a certain ethnic group being targeted by this law. But, if a cop comes up to you, a white person, and asks for your ID, are you going to tell him to fuck off? No, you’ll hand it to him, ask him what’s the problem, then go on your merry way once he verifies that you aren’t a Canadian trying to sneak into Arizona. If you are legally here, no problem, no matter what your country or origin.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
True all that! I think it's totally extreme to say boycott Arizona! Why take out our disagreements on the poor people who work in the service and tourist industries?? That's just mean!

And yes! Let's totally boycott BP forever! What a bunch of shitheads! They are trying to blame it on whoever they "rent" their equipment from, like it hasn't been out there long enough for the repairs and whatnot to become their responsibility?? What the crap ever.

And ughhhhhhh....I'd totally give any cop my ID, even though I'd know that it was illegal and wrong and that I didn't agree with it, because I'm scared of cops and know firsthand that they can beat me up and get away with it, so yeah. But that doesn't mean it is right or that we should actually legalize their bullshit... I wish that it wasn't so dumb.