Arizona vs. Immigrants, and Liberals vs. Arizona

“Boycott Arizona,” they are yelling. “How the hell could they do that,” they say. “Cancel those conventions.” What did Arizona do that has managed to offend so many in this country? They passed a law that allows officers to question people they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. Basically they have a bunch of Republicans who don’t like them there Mexicans coming up here and taken all our awesome jobs.

You might think that I’d come out against this law. But to be honest I think it’s a little much to do about nothing. So what? Police have the right to ask Hispanics for ID. Sure it’s racial profiling, but the person being asked for ID can show it, and go on their merry way.

Ever travel in another country? I have. And one of the things you always make sure to do is carry your passport with you. Why do you do this? In case anyone asks for ID. And same rule applies, show it, and move on.

And that’s really what I think people should do here: If the person is legal, than they can show ID and move on. If they aren’t then they get shipped back home to sneak across the border again at a later date. And to be honest, are cops really going to spend a lot of time checking Hispanic peoples ID’s? No, because arresting illegal immigrants creates paper work, and doesn’t generate revenue. The cops have more important things to do, like write speeding tickets to working and tax-paying citizens.