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Arkansas: Bill Halter for U.S. Senate

As we all know by now, the recent Health Care bill passed by congress did not include a public option. The public option was opposed by the insurance industry and the republican tea bagging cronies, because it would have forced insurance companies to compete and provide lower rates. Well it wasn’t just republicans that forced the public option to get dropped, it was also democrats like Sen. Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas. Senator Lincolns response on why she didn’t vote for the public option? "I don't answer to my party." So, Arkansas democrats it’s up to you to vote someone in who does support his party and his constituents. The Arkansas primary is May 18th and Lt. Governor Bill Halter is running against the well funded Senator Lincoln. Bill Halter has stated, “I'm running as a proud Democrat...I will not run away from the beliefs we all share.” Those beliefs include the public option.

If Arkansas wants a senator who is a republican they should vote one into office. If they want a democrat as a senator, they should vote a real democrat into office. You can support Bill Halters campaign by going here

Watch this ad by Blanche Lincoln. She basically voted no on everything. Hmmm, sounds an awful lot like the party of no (republicans) to me.

Bill Halter ad. Sure, he sounds like a typical politician, but hey, he can’t be any worse than what’s already there. And at least he seems to be proud to be a democrat, unlike Lincoln who seems to avoid mentioning that fact.


rooster said…
The real problem here is that people are still voting based on party lines. Democrat or Republican, they are all retards who can't think for themselves and care more about politics than the issues themselves and how they can work best for the people.

As long as people vote all Democrat or all Republican, this country is screwed AND HAS NO HOPE.

The healthcare bill is a perfect example of how bills become twisted, ineffective, economy killing, and freedom stealing setbacks to the growth of this nation.

Get some free-minded individual thinkers in office. Until then, the health care will continue to break us and our freedoms will continue to be taken from us.

Where was my vote for healthcare?!
MGD said…
I'm not going to argue with you on that one. The health care bill started pretty well, then politics and lobbyist got involved and turned it into the piece of trash it is now. A two party system isn’t much of a democracy. It implies we only have two types of people in this country, when we both know that isn’t even close to true.