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Comedy Central Folds to a Radical Muslim Group

More proof that radical messed in the head Muslims are winning. Last weeks episode of South Park featured Mohammed dressed up in a bear costume. When some radical Muslims in New York found out about it, they threatened the creators of the shows lives.

Proving that such threats work, the executives as Comedy Central censored the show, doing things like bleeping out the use of the name Mohammed from the show. Apparently it’s not enough to just not show the guy, you can’t even say his name out of fear. And not only that, if you want to watch the so-called controversial episode, you can’t, because it’s not available on the comedy central site for the same reason right now. In that episode they make fun of Jesus and Buddha, yet the only religion that caused controversy is the Muslim religion.

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show has what I believe to be the appropriate response.

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Anonymous said…
One of the many things I find inherently wrong with Islam is that they seem to hold Mohammed in a higher regard than Allah. You know, their god? How can a prophet be considered more sacred than the god who he preaches?
MGD said…
Good point.