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Help Stop the Chihuly Glass Museum at the Seattle Center

The Seattle Center, Space Needle, and the money making goons want to take away more public space at the Seattle Center and build a Chihuly glass museum seem to think it’s a done deal. But, Mayor Mike McGinn said, “Whatever we decide, we are not going to do something the public doesn’t like.” So people, it’s up to Seattle residents to let him know that the public does not support a giant glass homage to the one-eyed-willy known as Dale Chihuly. Anyone who has driven to downtown Seattle can’t miss the eye-sore known as the EMP. Do we really need another privately owned butt-ugly building right next to it, a building that would take away the fun forest and open space that was originally proposed to replace it?

An unofficial poll on the Strangers website shows that most of its readers oppose the museum. And according to a recent stream of comments on the Seattle Times site, it doesn’t appear their readers like the idea either. So if most Seattle residents oppose the idea than who is for it? Anyone who can make money from it, selling glass crap to tourists, that’s who.