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Microsoft Sucks?

People SuckAs anyone who has read this blog know, I enjoy trash talking Microsoft just as much as anyone. But my trash talking has more to do with the people who work there than the actual products. Although, at times the products do kind of suck (Vista anyone). So, I decided to do a quick internet search for Microsoft sucks, and found a Microsoft sucks website, which… totally sucks. You would think that a bunch of internet geeks could come up with something better than a poorly designed “forum to expose the dark side of Microsoft Corp and its products.”

There is a survey that tells us there are a total of 325 “Microsoft Sucks Pages” out there, so I decided to do a little more searching for a good website that trash talks Microsoft:

  • I found some crappy videos on Google videos and YouTube.
  • The I Hate Microsoft website did design the site to look like crap in Internet Explorer, motivating people to go to the site in a another companies browser. Although after navigating to the site in Firefox, I still found it to be a totally lame and uninteresting site.
  • Someone wrote a freakishly long rant about why he hates Microsoft, with sub-pages and all. So long that I doubt anyone in our short attention span country would actually read it.
  • Another one refers to Bill Gates as the anti-Christ. Which provides a few stories anecdotal stories, on a poorly formatted webpage.
  • It appears that most all formats for a website dedicated to hating Microsoft must be white, with standard black text only. Very little formatting and in many cases some Google ads across the top or bottom of the boring design of the page.

So what does my brief search for Microsoft haters tell me? It tells me that maybe some of these people hate the products because they have no tech skills of their own. Sure, Microsoft sucks in a lot of ways. They take or buy other companies ideas. They design and release products knowing they are flawed. They release new versions regularly so as to sell upgrades. And of course, they treat their contracted employees like crap. But to all the Microsoft haters out there, I’ve worked for quite a few large corporations and they are not really any different from Microsoft. It’s not like Apply promotes the use of other companies products. It’s not like AT&T treats its employees any better. And it’s not like Starbucks builds its coffee shops across the street from the mom and pop coffee shop to help increase coffee sales for that store.