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Draw Mohammed Day

Not being a fan of most religious nuts needs to force their opinions and beliefs on others, I’m especially against the portion of the Muslim religion who threatens and follows through with some of those threats to harm people who show images of Mohammed.

I have worked with quite a few Muslims and for the most part, they are good friendly people. I get along with them well, just like I get along with many of the Christians, Mormons, and other religious people I’ve worked with. My good friend who blogs over at The Rooster Strikes has strong religious convictions, and we’ve had a few heated debates on the subject, yet we can respect each other’s point of views, and don’t literally want to kill each other when we disagree.

But just like some right-wing douche-bag Christians give normal Christians a bad name, there are right-wing douche-bag Muslims who give normal Muslims a bad name as well.
In response to that I’ve posted in the past with a few images of Mohammad. And apparently I’m not the only one rebelling in this way. There is a facebook group that has declared today Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. But that FB group is no more. Probably because FB didn't want to get any complaints.

So here you go, worst Mohammed drawing ever done.


MGD said…
ha. I'll keep that in mind, should I ever draw another picture of him.
Irl Hudnutt said…
Did you draw a picture of Mohammed for the annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day this year?
MGD said…
Not this year. Maybe next.