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Funny Comment by Commentarius de Prognosticis

Conservative and a horseYesterday this guy Ioannes who blogs over at a site called “Commentarius de Prognosticis” (obviously titled to prove how smart he is), left a comment on my post. His site is all right-wing douche-bag nonsense that helps give tea-baggers and right-wing conservatives a bad name.

Anyway, I must have left a comment on his blog at some point, although I don’t actually remember doing it. And apparently my comment offended him (which makes me happy).

Here is the comment he left on my post:
“Don't bother coming to my blogsite again trying to publish your damnable lies extolling the baby-murdering, sodomy-loving Obamination of Desolation with your twisting of Sacred Scripture. Obama is ANTI-Christian in EVERYTHING he does, and so is anyone like you who supports him.

I don't publish comments from liberals and progressive. The best Democrat is the defeated, muzzled and emasculated Democrat.”

Some people might delete his comment because it’s so full of hatred and hostility. Plus by deleting it, it would reduce the number of links leading back to his site. But, luckily for you my readers, I’m not that kind of guy (like him). Instead, I’m choosing to move his comment to today’s posts so that everyone can see it. No need for me to respond to what he said, I think it speaks for its self. Please feel free to check his blog out and leave any comments that you also feel might help motivate him to go home and beat his wife or child over. He will delete the comments of course, but one of the many things I enjoy in life is, helping push people like this one step closer to having a heart attack.

Something else funny about this guy, for his blog profile under interests he lists things like church history, Catholicism (child molester), and the bible. It also says he’s into evolution. Correct me if I’m wrong but last I checked the bible proves there is no such thing as evolution, and that dinosaurs are just a myth perpetuated by the left-wing conspirators.