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Poo Poo Play Time

Some things I enjoy more than others, and one of those is watching little kids play in the area that my dog takes a crap.

Just to be clear I’m actually pretty good about cleaning up after my dog. If I’m walking her and she poops in someone’s yard, or park, etc. I clean it up and throw it away. The area I’m referencing is to the side of a roadway that is basically overgrown grass and trash. There isn’t a sidewalk, but there is street parking. And in South Everett, it tends to be the area that people living out of their cars tend to park. It’s also where the half-day kids living in the plethora of apartments near my place, get picked up on the bus.

The reason I don’t really like these kids is they are irritating. Or their parents are irritating. They drive down there, approximately about a block away from the ghetto apartment they live in, and the parents sit in the cars most of the time, while the kids play in the garbage and overgrown grass, that myself and other dog walkers let their animals take shits in. If I’m walking past during the time they are waiting, they are either in my way, or if scared of my dog make a fuss about having to get out of the way. As if my dog is actually going to hurt them.

So today, as I was driving home, I noticed them all playing in the dumping ground, and poo, and whatever else gets thrown there and I smiled. Yes, it’s an asshole thing to do, but hey if the parents will let them play there, seeing full well what a nasty patch of muck it is, it’s not my problem. After all, I am a cranky monkey.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Poor kids whose parents don't care about them enough to keep them out of poo!! :(

Maybe it will make their immune systems better for when the super-plague comes to kill us all :P
MGD said…
Today at the dog park there was some lady letting her kids play on a big pile of bark. The same big pile that I've seen multiple dogs pee on.