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Rep Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act

One of the interesting things I find about the tea-baggers running around complaining about the national debt, and the Republicans saying no to everything, is that neither of those groups have a problem with the war in Iraq. They refuse to spend money on healthcare, for the people of this country, they complain about illegal immigrants using our resources, they bitch about government bailouts, and yet not a word about the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We spend about $7 billion (yes billion) dollars a month on the war in Iraq. Which is down from the $12 billion we were spending a month on the war in 2008. As of February 2010 we spent over $700 billion dollars on the war in Iraq alone.

The 2010 budget for military spending has gone up to $663.8 billion

As of 2007 there was an estimated $10 billion dollars lost through waste or mismanagement in the wars.

The national dept is over 11 trillion dollars increased about 4 billion dollars per day.

Now I’m no math wiz or anything, but I would image that if we stopped spending so much money invading other countries, we could spend a little on stopping the increase of the national debt, and possibly begin to pay it down again. Something that hasn’t been done since Bill Clinton was president.

I know this is just a political ploy to help him get re-elected but, if the teabaggers and Republicans care so much about taxes and government spending, why are they not supporting Rep. Grayson? He has introduced a bill to cut separate funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and uses the money to eliminate federal income taxes on every American's first $35,000 of income.

Oh, I know why, because he’s a Democrat.


Don't bother coming to my blogsite again trying to publish your damnable lies extolling the baby-murdering, sodomy-loving Obamination of Desolation with your twisting of Sacred Scripture. Obama is ANTI-Christian in EVERYTHING he does, and so is anyone like you who supports him.

I don't publish comments from liberals and progressive. The best Democrat is the defeated, muzzled and emasculated Democrat.
MGD said…
hahaha. Its people like you that help prove every negative comment I ever make about religious fanatics.

You rant and rave, refuse to listen to anyone else’s points of views, and act like a God loving Christian, all the while, doing nothing that actually follows the teachings of Jesus.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with CM on his comment to loannes. I am a Christian and it is people like loannes that give us a bad name. Thanks a lot loannes for making us all look stupid.
I dont agree with half of CMs postings but there is a way of stating your opinion with tact. You should learn how to get your point across without bringing down the rest of us loannes.
MGD said…
Half! Well, I guess I can't complain about a 50% agreement rate. That’s ok, I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say either. But, I respect a persons right to have an opinion and voice that opinion even if it diverges from mine… assuming they are capable of doing it in a reasonable manner and are capable of using logic to back it up, unlike loannes

Unless of course it’s about something I actually care about. If that’s the case everyone should totally agree with me!
Quorri Scharmyn said…
Yeah, we need to learn to keep our noses and guns out of the world's business. Or, at least, if the world decides a certain country is needing of some force, we should share the burden, monetary and troopwise, with every country who is supportive. Whoever votes "yes" at the UN can equally divvy up the expenses.
Rooster said…
Wow, that is ridiculous. If loannes was so into Scripture and such a Christian, why is he spewing hatred?

He is obviously all about being a Conservative/Republican and tries to hide behind Christianity to justify it.

I made that mistake, too. However, I focused more on God and ended up learning what Scripture really states:
- Love your brother
- Love your enemy
- Every word out of your mouth should glorify God
- Let he is without sin cast the first stone

There is obviously a WHOLE lot more to it, but that pretty sums up how Christians should act towards the world.

There is actually VERY little right-wing ideology that supports the teachings of Christ, and the above principles are just the beginning of proving Christianity and Republicanism are mutually exclusive identities.

While I do agree with some things Republican, I have turned away from that party. I am not a war-monger, I promote peace and prosperity among all as long we are not toying with God's creation.

When it comes to politics, Christians in America need to WAKE UP and vote on the issues and not doing what loannes does and simply fight against anything the opposition says.

Loannes, I will pray for you, that God will open your eyes and make you realize the hatred you are portraying and repent. You should be praying for our leadership, not judging them. That is not your place. That is for Jesus Christ alone.
MGD said…
Thanks for leaving a comment rooster.

To other readers I’ve known rooster for quite a few years, and want to validate his statements here.

Although we don’t always agree on politics and religion, he does stand by his religious convictions and actually does goes try to follow what Christ tried to teach us. He goes to church each weekend, he volunteers at that church, he treats people with respect and is genuinely a good person. And if more Christians in this country were like him and his wife, the world would be a much better place for it.