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Groups That Should Go Away

Have you ever thought about how much better the world would be to live in, if we didn’t have radical organizations (hate groups) running around? Not only would it solve the problem of having to listen to them, or deal with their hate crimes, but it would reduce the overall population on the planet. And reduce the amount of stupid people having stupid children. My method of removing them would involve spontaneous combustion.

Here’s my list. Feel free to leave a comment with any you’d like to add.

Tea-baggers (aka tea-partiers) - kind of an obvious choice here. The Republican Party of late has been catering to this narrow minded minority, and it would be better suited to ignore them and make them go away.

Christian Evangelicals - liberal minded Christians are ok, but the right-wing loud mouth hate mongering portion should go.

Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Muslim Extremist– Same as the Christians. Liberal open minded Muslims are ok, but these three we could do without.

Skinheads, KKK, and Black separatist– complete opposites of the same spectrum that all need to go away

Army of God, The Lambs of Christ, etc, etc – these are the ones you see protesting in front of abortion clinics. Since they can’t just blog their complaints like the rest of us, and have been responsible for the deaths of some doctors, they need to go.

NARTH, Focus, on the Family, etc, etc. and other organizations that try to cure gays and lesbians or are against their rights. – Just let them be, suck dick, and eat all the pussy they want. Why care so much.

Westboro Baptist Church – I wasn’t going to add them to this list because they are really just a nutty family following a crazy old man, but it is an organization and they really could use to all go away.

Cults– Any cult of any kind should go away.

Scientologists – this group really isn’t that bad, I’m just throwing them on this list for the fun of it.

Any commentator or “news” reporter that works for Fox News – it would be nice to actually have a news station report news again, rather than hate mongering.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
No, Scientologists really are that bad! They keep people in secret compounds and brainwash them and they really do function like a cult!

Also, we should add the type of Mormons who compound up and marry 13 year old girls to old crusty men who already have eight "wives" to rape.