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Ines Sainz Feeling Uncomfortable in a Room Full of Men

If you follow sports, you’ve probably already heard about Ines Sainz a reporter who has created a windstorm of sexual harassment allegations against the New York Jets by stating, “I felt very uncomfortable ... Women should be treated professionally, and they deserve to be treated with respect," upon entering the locker room of the team. For those who don’t know, Ines Sainz is a Miss Universe Pageant participant and sports news reporter. A job I'd be willing to bet she got based more on her looks, than her sports reporting ability, as she happens to have nice tits and a sexy ass. Something we can all see as she has no problem wearing tight shirts and pants that accentuate her body.

The supposed harassment consists of statements like calling her beautiful, and hooting and hollering at her when she walked into the locker room, and during practice. The question I have is, how is it that she has walked into locker rooms before and not been hooted and hollered at?

The world of course found out about this when she tweeted, “Jeans and a white button-downed blouse with boots is not wearing something inappropriate.” Apparently she has no concept of what appropriate is.

Ladies here is some news for you: you can’t run around in skimpy outfits with your tits hanging out all over the place then be offended when someone looks at them. If you don’t want to be checked out by men wear a burqa, or for the less extreme maybe you should consider not dressing like a stripper. Why do buff guys wear tight t-shirts? For the same reason to get checked out by the ladies. But they don’t cry about it when a girl actually does check them out, they take it as a compliment.


Unknown said…
Hot, Hot Hot! You go Ines! Shake that booty!
Anonymous said…
Looks, walks and talks like a hoe, maybe she is one. A reporter? Yeah right!!! Call girl, more likely.