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The Spreading of the Rally to Restore Sanity

Last month Glen Back and his flock of mindless followers held a rally to spout off and prove that most Americans are ignorant mindless sheep. Now Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are jumping in the rally race, along with his partner in crime Stephen Colbert.

On October 30th Stewart is holding his rally for the people who aren’t extremist right-wingers or just as extreme on the left. The Stewart rally is going to be held in Washington D.C. and is for those who don’t run around spouting off nonsense all the time, those whose views aren’t told to them by loud-mouth douche-bags. A rally for those in the middle of the spectrum who don’t get a bunch of time in the media, for those Americans who view politics as the joke they are.

On the same day, of course, Stephen Colbert is having is parody rally dedicated to keeping fear alive, which is what the Glen Beck rally should have been called, as his form of conservatism is all about fear.

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest who can’t make the trip to D.C. there is going to be a similar rally in Seattle. The Seattle rally, like the others will forgo the hate signs like the Beck one with pictures of Obama as Hitler or the joker. Instead these rally signs will be more appropriate to the way we should be speaking to each other like, "I Disagree With You, But I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler" and "ALL America is REAL America.”

It’s time people! It’s time for normal Americans to take back this country! It’s time for us to stop reading and watching news if it mentions one of these extremists, it’s time to turn away from Fox and back to news organizations that actually report the news. There is a rally in Chicago, and other rallies are popping up all across this country. Get out, participate, and tell those tea-baggers and tree-fuckers that we want our government to be reasonable in its debates. Tell them that we don’t want a party of no on one side of the isle, who vote only to block legislation by the other party. And we don’t want a party, who is so worried about hurting anyone’s feelings that every bill they pass is so watered down as to be worthless.


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Rooster said…
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