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Terry Jones, Adding to the Flames of Hatred and Intolerance

In two days it will be September 11th, a day that most of us will take a few minutes to remember where we were and how we felt about the twin towers attack. Others will take time to remember the loved ones no longer with us. And for the religious, they will say a prayer for those lost and those left behind. Well, most of the religious will be doing that. Reverend Terry Jones and his mindless flock will be spending the day fueling the flames of hatred and intolerance… literally.

I use the term reverend loosely, as he is obviously not a man who actually believes in Christian values. Jones has decided to declare tomorrow international burn the Koran/Quran day. And by international, he means his small church in Florida, as I would imagine the rest of the world won’t be honoring his attempt at a holy war.

Terry Jones and intolerance

Already we’ve seen anti-U.S. protests in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander in Afghanistan, has stated that Jones’s Quran burning could lead to violence against U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. Not to mention any possible repercussions to U.S. citizens around the world or in this country. Yet, this so-called reverend doesn’t care about that. No, what he cares about is getting his name in the papers, and preaching his hatred and intolerance to those stupid enough to listen.

There are times that it makes perfect sense to me that so many other nationalities around this world hate North Americans. As a citizen there are times that I’m disgusted with my country as well, this being one of those times.

When September 11th happened, there was a massive outpouring of sympathy and love to this country and its people. And all we’ve done since then us burn that affection away like the pages in Terry Jone’s bonfire.