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Reichert vs. DelBene

In the first of this election seasons Cranky Monkey voter recommendations, it’s Rep. Dave Reichert (Republican) versus Suzan DelBene (Democrat).

It is the season of change, or at least that’s what various political factions are trying to tell us. Reichert has been Washington’s eight congressional district representative since 2005 and is a member of the “party of no.” According to the Washington Post Reichert has voted “with a majority of his Republican colleagues 86.3% of the time during the current Congress.”

Suzan DelBene is running on the same platform as everyone else, getting people back to work, moving away from oil dependency and into clean energy, etc. etc. So what makes her different from Reichert? Who knows, but she couldn’t be any worse.

So, the Cranky Monkey recommends Suzan DelBene for Washington’s eight congressional district. Not because of her stances on issues over his, but because Dave Reichert is avoiding debates with Suzan DelBene. One of the backbones of our democracy is the debate between the two candidates. This is where the voters get to learn more about each candidate, and potentially make a decision on who to vote for. The stranger and Seattle PI have posted recently on Reichert claiming to be too busy for a debate. Since he has missed 50 votes this current congressional session, and follows the party line 83% of the remainder of the time, I’m not really too sure what he is too busy doing.

We will have to wait and see if any of the news stories on this change his mind. But the damage is done, the monkey has made up his mind on this particular race.