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Washington States District 21 Representative

And for my final cranky recommendations this election season, it will be for Washington States District 21 representatives.

Part of these recommendations are partially based on interactions I had with these people last year. You can read the posts under My Washington Representatives part 1 and part 2. In those posts I had an issues that I e-mailed my representatives about. Out of the three one called me back, the other sent me a generic e-mailed response, and the third did nothing.

First up Marko Liias vs. Elizabeth Scott
Out of the three I e-mailed on that issues, Marko was the one who called me back. I was impressed that he would take the time to listen to me on the issue, and that he was actually following up. I found the conversation very cordial and he came across as a pretty decent person. So in this category it’s an easy one… Vote for Marko Liias

Next up – Mary Helen Roberts vs. Ed Borey
Mary was the one who sent me the generic e-mailed response. And I can feel pretty confident in saying it probably wasn’t her that sent it, but an assistant.

Ed is a republican, who I am usually against, but he is for charter schools which I support, and he wasn’t a member of our state congress when they decided to ignore the voters and raise taxes even though the voters have stated multiple times that we want voter approval to raise taxes. Ed appears to be a Republican who believes in global warming. And, in looking over his website I don’t see any endorsements by the tea-party. So in this case… Vote for Ed Borey. It’s the year of change, so lets make some in our state this year.

And finally – Paull Shin vs. David Preston
There are tons on reasons I don’t like Paull Shin. The first being that out of the three I e-mailed last year, he didn’t even bother with the generic e-mailed response. The second reason is, he is a Democrat which means he should be for the environment. But Paull Shin has mailed me more crap that any other person in office. Which could be why he didn’t contact me back, he was too busy reviewing that month’s brochure. Throughout the year he sends out tons of flyers. Which means, he’s killing tons of trees to do it. And now, driving around the area there are tons of yard signs all over the place. On this one… Vote for David Preston. I don’t know what he stands for, he’s just not Paull Shin.