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Buy Nothing Day

One week from today it will be that day again. That day, where people wake up as early as possible to run to the store to be first in line, or as close as possible. The day where they fight over that last parking spot, swearing and cussing at the person who beat them to it. That day where people trample over those who fall, or move to slow. That day where people fight over the discounted items, beat one another, insult, and attack one another for those Chinese made products. That day were people will wait in line forever, get stuck in the parking lot, swearing at everyone else while not noticing that they are also blocking traffic.

Yes that’s right, it will be black Friday. The day after the day where we hang out with family and have fun, so we compensate by being consumerist cheapskates. It’s black Friday, the day we have off of work just so we can drag our fat asses to Wallmart and buy as much as we can fit in the SUV.

Or for some, it’s not Black Friday. For some it’s Buy Nothing Day. A day I have celebrated every year since I heard of it, and even the years before, just to avoid going to crowded malls and interacting with the epitome of the American consumer. For me, Buy Nothing Day will involve spending more time with family and loved ones, playing games, socializing, and not spending money or crap I don’t need, nor do the people who might receive it at Christmas.


Rooster said…
I can't tell if this was really cranky or heart warming. Please advise.
MGD said…
Ha. Yeah, it was supposed to be cranky, but I guess all that family crap at the end made it a little heart warming.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
Can it be both?
Rooster said…
No it can't be both. Have you ever mixed an upper and a downer? It really effs your whole world up. Generally for about 3-4 hours. Sometimes longer.