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iTunes Most Played – Not By Me

I’ve used Windows Media Player, Zune, and of course iTunes to listen to my music, plus a few others. Unfortunately, I use iTunes the most, because I have an iPod that just won’t die. The reason why I say unfortunately is, iTunes has to have the worst random algorithm out of any music player I have found.

I have over 20 gigs of music and when sitting at my computer I let it play on random most of the time. Yet, out of all that, there are about 300 songs that show zero in the number of times played. And the number one song on my most played list is Time Machine by Black Sabbath. A song I only have because I picked up the Wayne's World CD at some time back when I actually bought CD’s. If I remember correctly it was a few bucks at a used CD store.

Now, I have nothing against Black Sabbath, it’s just not my style of music. And since I don’t really like this song, I’ve personally never selected it to play for any reason. So, out of the music I’ve selected to play, and the music that iTunes randomly selects- Black Sabbath ends up number one on my list.

One of these days my iPod will crap out, and when it does I will finally receive the motivation to get an MP3 player made by a different company, or just use the one on my phone. Either way, I can guarantee this will be my last iPod and iTunes will no longer be needed as well. Until that day happens, I guess all I can do is delete Time Machine from my music library.

Sorry Black Sabbath, I’m sure the metal heads will lament your loss from my music library, but I won’t.