Animal Cruelty Around the World

Very regularly I'm disgusted with the human race and our ability to callously inflict pain on life forms we consider worth less than ours.

Photographic essay after the jump

On the French controlled island of RĂ©union some fishermen use live dogs and cats as shark bait. Having moving animals makes them more attractive to sharks.

This dog was able to escape and a veterinarian was able to remove the hooks from it's nose.

Other dogs weren't as lucky.

In Korea before eating dogs, they are abused and crammed into cages, unable to move.

In China dogs are regularly beaten to death in the streets

And animals used for fur are skinned alive. (click on image to watch video)

The Japanese slaughter whales and dolphins to the point of turning the waters in a cove red with blood.

Think Europeans are any better?
Bulls in Spain
bull fight
And dog fighting in the UK
dog fighting
Not in America?

I doubt this Orca at SeaWorld is happy

Puppy mills to support our desire for purebreds.

Killing wolves from planes in Alaska

It's not just done for food and clothing, it's also done for the sexual thrill